Five Element Acupuncture Testimonials



Five elements acupuncture has been amazing for me. It has reduced my blood pressure to an extent I do not have to take medication and has helped in reducing my Arthritis to a low level of pain, which occurs occasionally.


Lesley is very sympathetic in her approach and has a good natural instinct in her use of acupuncture to treat the body holistically.
Steph, Solihull




I came to Lesley in November 2009 with an open mind having had a recurring neck problem which became aggravated when stressed or worried.


Very early into my treatment, in fact before Christmas, I felt a lot less stressed and I carried myself differently. This change was noticed by my fiancé who thought I was a calmer person and also by my work colleagues.


Early into the new year 2010, I noticed I had stopped thinking about my neck pains and I felt like a new person.


Lesley has since treated me for sinus pain which I no longer suffer from. I am continuing my Five Element acupuncture therapy every 5-6 weeks, and I definitely recommend it!! S Mason

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